Coffee friends

with benefits?


Get your next coffee free by inviting your friends to drink Slurp!

By recommending our service to a friend, you’ll get a refund on your next coffee if your friend uses a referral code when purchasing the SLURP coffee experience. Your friend will also get 50% off their first subscription coffee.

The referral code is your own email address which you are using in your SLURP account. Go to, select “Invite friends” and type in your friends' email address. They will shortly receive the invitation. The easiest way for your friends to get started is at, where they can customise their favourite SLURP coffee experience, and finally enter your email as a referral code at checkout “Referred by a friend?”.

When your friend uses your email address as a referral code, we will give you a refund on your next coffee and your friend 50% off their first coffee.

Psst! You can invite as many friends as you want. No commitment, just great coffee ❤️

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